Re: Sun Acupuncture

After suffering for the past ten years with chronic pain and burning in both feet (peripheral neuropathy) and visiting numerous internists and neurologists, I am thrilled to say that I can now enjoy fife without the constant pain and medication which were once a part of my daily life.

I had visited several doctors neurologists and even a podiatrist hoping to find a reason for the severe pain I was constantly experiencing in both feet.  The best way to describe this pain is severe burning and tingling with occasional waves of electrical shocks shooting through the toes.. It was to the point that I could not complete my grocery shopping and walk through the entire store… I would leave in tears and have to go home… My feet would hurt even when I had them elevated or at night when I would try to sleep. This pain was unbearable. I would wrap my feet in colds wet towels to try to relieve this burning sensation. As mentioned above, I visited several doctors and even went to Shands Hospital which could not help me, My friend often went to these appointments with me to try to express to these doctors how much pain and desperation I was experiencing because I would be so upset and end up in tears and would not be able to communicate.. The only assistance I ever received was medication for pain relief. When one medication didn’t work they would immediately replace it with another type of narcotic. I was in such a fog that I would find myself falling asleep while I was driving. I was eventually taking morphine twice a day to endure the pain so I could function on a daily basis. This is why as a last resort I figured I had tried everything else so why not try acupuncture.

I wish I had tried acupuncture a long time ago. Not only can I now live without the narcotics used for pain relief, I now feel 100% better than I have in a very long time. My family is extremely happy to see the difference this has made in our lives

please give acupuncture a try. Keesun Kang is a wonderful person who definitely cares about her patients. She has made a tremendous improvement in my life.



Lake Wales, FL


April 2004

Dr Keesun Kang

Dear Doctor:

After I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1997, I was treated with hormone injections and radiation to reduce the size of the tumor initially it was measured as 119 PSA and subsequently reduced to .021 PSA. With continued hormone treatments it remained at that level, and then it was decided to remove me from the hormone treatments. Eighteen months later my PSA readings started to elevate gradually and six months later my PSA reading was at 1198. My urologist wanted to begin hormone treatment again but I refused in order to investigate alternative medicine.

August 2002, I started acupuncture and herbal treatment and six months later my PSA reading started decreasing and presently is at .62.

After seeing the results of your treatments my urologist said that he did not

understand it but could not argue with the test results.

Besides the major benefit, I am also enjoying better general health and well being. I do sincerely wish to thank you for your treatments, knowledge and dedication.




November, 2005

Dr. Keesun Kang,

We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for helping us make our dream come true. For the past ten years, we have suffered through infertility. Many failed WE cycles and the loss of both of my fallopian tubes due to two entopic pregnancies making it impossible to conceive on my own. On the verge of giving up, a doctor mentioned acupuncture to relieve stress and relax my body. We decided to try it in addition to the fertility treatments while getting ready for the final IVF cycle that our bank account could survive.

I started coming to your practice regularly and you prepared my body to go through the fertility treatments. In just three sessions, I felt like a new person. The stress of infertility had been lifted off my shoulders and I began to feel like my old self again. After three months of acupuncture, you told me that my body was ready to begin the 1W cycle. During that stressful time my husband came to you to help relax him as well.

We are extremely excited to say that the JVF cycle was successful and I had a wonderful pregnancy with no complications. As a matter of fact, I had never felt better in my life. On September, 2005, our daughter Gabriella Grace was born.

We truly believe that you helped us make our dream of becoming parents possible with acupuncture along with the required fertility treatments. We will continue to recommend your practice and acupuncture to all.



Dear Doctor Kang,

Thank you for the success we have had over the past two years

Four to five years ago a number of items were uncovered and diagnosed by my western doctor She identified the problems and started treatments with various drugs, but alas recommended I seek alternative treatments, because the muscle disorder was not treatable with the drugs available.

The problems and conditions were numerous and serious as follows:

1. High blood pressure. Treatment is four different medications.

2, Enlarged heart with valves that don’t dose. No treatment except to wait for future transplant.

3, two previous heart attacks

4. Cancer. Removed three times and future looks good.

5. Sleep disorders.

6. Diabetes. Treatment is max dosage of Glucovance,

7. Arthritis throughout my entire body. Treatment is anti-inflammatory drugs.

8. A debilitating muscle disease (Polymyosilis).

9. Constant pain and fatigue with minimal mobility.

10. Constipation my entire life (once every two or three days).

11. Due to all the medications I now have kidney issues. This is common.

12. And significant weight gain over the past 5 years. Sounds like the walking dead or close to it

As you are aware the first order of business was to start balancing all the body functions. I was shocked that after the first visit I had all I could do to get home before going to the bathroom. This happened for a few more visits and than for the past two years I have been regular (once to twice daily). As time went on I slept for longer periods and on a more consistent basis.

My sugar went from (300 to 500) on average to 100 to 200, and the quantity on medications went from a max of four per day to zero. But every so often when I am bad with my diet, I need to take a pill for a few days.

The blood pressure is 130 over 70 with the medications but we need to get it lower due to the kidney issues. The project for this year is to lower the blood pressure and reduce the medications.

And for the Poliomyelitis, the potential western treatment was massive doses of steroids. This was not possible due to diabetes arid serious side effects. But I believe with the balancing of all the body functions, the latest blood test indicated a 1 / 3 drop in the CPIC level, This indicated the disorder is corning under control and best of all not progressing to the serious conclusion of a fatal result. This is an outstanding improvement and my western doctor was impressed to say the least.

I also have significant improvement in mobility, energy, and pain reduction. This year with continued improvement and weight loss the goal is to reduce and eliminate the high blood pressure medicines. Seventeen years ago the doctors gave me 5 years to live. Five years ago it was touch and go. Now I feel like I have a positive view of the future and can look to another ten years or more.

Thank you for all your personal and professional help. With you and the Grace of God progress will continue.


Oakmont, IL


February 2006

Dear Dr Kang,

The combined therapy of acupuncture and the smoothies has dramatically

changed my life. When we first met, I was taking prednisone, an antidepressant medication, and a pain medication. I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica, a chronic painful syndrome affecting muscles in the body. I could not lift my arms higher then my chest. Sleeping for extended periods was almost impossible and walking had become very painful

I was not sure I would be able to continue to work. My western doctors

preferred a therapy of steroid medication and shots. The unfortunate side

effects of steroids are anger, depression, and weight gain (30 pounds). When I attempted to decrease my medication, the pain would increase. It was terrifying!

After doing research on the effects of long term use of steroids, I became

desperate to eliminate them from my life. That is when I made my life-changing decision to travel the path of oriental medicine and, thus, my introduction to Dr. Kang and her wonderful gift of healing.

From the first day we met, I put my faith and body in her hands. Each

acupuncture treatment made me feel better. I found that my quality of

sleep improved and my arms were no longer a burden to lift. I also received a special gift from her therapy that eliminated the majority of my hot flashes, which 1 had endured for over 20 years. With Dr Kang’s treatment and guidance today, I am off all medication. I feel the best I have in 30 years.

When first introduced the idea of the blender, my husband was not pleased. I am sure he thought: “Oh great! Another machine that will get dusty!” After I

began to drink the smoothies and he saw the improvement in my health, he

became curious and tried one himself. Now he is a believer, as well. We

have noticed a definite boost in our energy levels. One morning, my husband ate eggs and sausages, with powdered donuts, for breakfast instead of the usual fruit smoothie, and he could not believe how groggy and fatigued he felt


We would like to thank you for recommending the blender. I have lost 28 pounds and my husband has lost 16 pounds in just over two months since we began

drinking the fruit smoothies for breakfast and veggie drinks for either a midmorning

snack or for lunch. Both of us feel so much better.”

I especially want to thank you for putting LIFE back into y existence. Your warm and caring approach has truly worked wonders.

Anita T.

Windermere FL

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